Wir dürfen Toeurn als neue Englisch Lehrerin willkommen heißen!

Im Mai durften wir eine neue motivierte Englisch Lehrerin im Angkor Kids Center begrüßen: Toeurn
Herzlich willkommen! Gerne teilen wir mit Euch Details zu ihrer Person und ihrer ersten Eindrücke:


„My name’s Toeurn SOK I am 19 years old and studying Electricity at the Regional Polytechnic Institute Techo Sen Siem Reap part-time and I’m now an English Teacher at Angkor Kids Center. My first impression: As a former volunteer teacher I’m very happy to be back to work here again as a full-time teacher. The main reasons that I have decided to apply for the teaching position at Angkor Kids Center is because, firstly, I love this job and wanted to come back and help here again. Secondly, I wanted to earn some money on my own to support my study and my family.
After 3 months of working here, I have gained new teaching skills, some experience in administration work, and working in a team with all volunteer teachers and the management team, Teacher Hak, Chhay, and Meam. In these last three months, I have improved my English and computer skills. At the beginning I was very nervous and afraid of making mistakes as I was speaking with foreigners, but now I feel more confident in communicating with the team and visitors.
My expectation is to gain even more experience in the future working here at Angkor Kids Center.
Lastly, I would like to say thank you for giving me an opportunity to work here!
All the best to you, Thank you very much!“